"Traitor: Australia's greatest untold spy story". Four Corners, 19 June 2023. Traitor: Australia's greatest untold spy story - ABC News

"Four Corners has faced the wrath of both sides of politics. 60 years on, it's needed more than ever." By Sally Neighbour,

"The Rift: Struggles for the Heart and Soul of the Greens" - cover story, The Monthly, February edition, on sale 3 February 2012.    Link to story
"Life and Death on the High Seas: Haunting a community", the story of the 2010 Christmas Island boat tragedy,
The Griffith Review, due for publication February 6.  Link to the Griffith Review site
"All About Cory: Cory Bernardi, Conservative Warrior", The Monthly December 2011-January 2012. Link to article  
" Sex Slavery", 4 Corners, ABC TV. A joint Four Corners/The Age  special investigation into sex trafficking and servitude, exposing how networks of criminal gangs are luring women to Australia, where they are forced to work as sex slaves. Link to story


"How We Lost the war: Afghanistan a decade on from September 11", The Monthly September 2011. Link to article 


"The United States of Chris Mitchell: The Power of Rupert Murdoch and The Australian's Editor-in-Chief", The Monthly August 2011: "Arrogant bastard. Cowboy. Total ratbag. Best editor I’ve ever worked for. An insecure genius. A very complex person.  Talk to any journalist, commentator, politician or public figure in Australia, and it seems they all have a view of Chris Mitchell, editor-in-chief of the Australian newspaper..." Read more


"Hazara Asylum Seekers", The Monthly June 2011: "Yusuf Hamid was a shoemaker in the village of Kharaba in Ghazni Province, eastern Afghanistan. It was the time of the Taliban, as Afghans invariably refer to the years between 1996 and 2001 when the bearded talib, students from the Islamic madrassas strung along the Afghan–Pakistan border, imposed their draconian brand of Islamic law on Afghanistan..." Read more


"The Anzac Spirit", The Monthly April 2011: "A certain tone pervades the national conversation on the role of Australian troops in Afghanistan... The tone, almost invariably, is one of awed and sentimental reverence, descending at times into jingoistic puffery..." Read more 


"The Way to the Watering Hole: Sharia Law", The Monthly December 2010-January 2011. Link to article


"Hidden Agendas: Our Intelligence Services", The Monthly, November 2010. Link to article 


Stories in The Australian: 2011


'Terror suspect has officials in quandary', 11 May 2011


'Pakistan General Khalid Shameem Wynne's secret visit fans doubt', 5 May 2011


'Security agencies focus on local links to Yemen,' 4 May 2011


'Acolytes will be galvanized to avenge their leader's killing', 3 May 2011


'Dossiers on Australian suspects full of errors', 26 April 2011


'Libya ripe for jihad's rallying cries,  26 April 2011 


'Habib seizes new evidence on Australians', 16 April 2011  


'Habib sues Egyptian Vice-President for Torture',  15 April 2011

'Time runs out for 'the little Arab'' 31 March 2011


'Afghans sent home face grave danger of being hunted down' 30 March 2011  


'No stemming the wave of boats:People-smuggling appears to be an unstoppable force'  A Plus 29 March 2001


'Dramatic drop in Afghan boat people follows tougher measures'  29 March 2011 

'Way cleared for Afghans to be deported' 25 March 2011


'Migrant groups going gang busters:Ethnic crime waves break as new communities settle in', A Plus 9 March 2011


'Former rival crime groups join forces' 9 March 2011


'Cracking the cultures of crime: Is ethnicity a predictor of criminal activity?' A Plus 8 March 2011


'Lack of proper support for new migrants 'fuels ethnic-based crime surges'' 8 March 2011


'Muslim lobby group backs Libs in Labor strongholds', 24 February 2011 


'Our high-profile Muslim minority: One of our most disadvantaged communities is starting to feel like a scapegoat', A Plus, 18 February 2011


'Orphan in migration storm wins entry' 18 February 2011


'Stress hits health of refugee kids' 16 February 2011  


'Tiny coffins mark asylum-seeker grief'  16 February 2011 


'Lives overboard: I told them not to come'  15 February 2011  


'Tefflon terrorist comes unstuck: There is a strong case against Abu Bakar Bashir in his third trial on terrorism charges', A Plus 11 February 2011


'Mamdouh Habib's story is backed by evidence', 15 January 2011


'New look ordered at Habib detention', 15 January 2011


'Habib in fight over legal fees', 9 February 2011


Mamdouh Habib
terror trial suspects
Jack Roche
Stories in The Australian: 2010

'Habib denied passport', 16 November 2010  


'The past visits would-be jihadist', Weekend Australian, 6-7 November 2010


'ASIO tailed ex-JI man for years', 5 November 2010


'Aussie 'jihadist'in Norway mosque battle', 4 November 2010


'Australian authorities to try new approach in countering radicalisation', 2 November 2010


'Crackdown on Yemen terror links', The Australian, 2 November 2010


'Battle of ideas to curb terror: Australia is yet to figure out how to counter home-grown Islamism', A Plus,  2 Nov 2010 
'He can't handle the truth: David Hicks hasnot been frank in his new book', A Plus,  19 October 2010 

'Hicks won't profit from Guantanamo book', 16 October 2010


'Exorcising the ghosts of Bali: Survivorstell how the 2002 bombing changed them,' The Australian, A Plus, 12 Oct 2010 


'Bin Laden's western foot soldiers: Home grown jihadists in Europe and the US point to a new phase in a weakened al-Qa'ida's terrorist tactics', The Australian, A Plus,  7 October 2010
'Games chaos as bridge collapses', The Australian,  22 September 2010
'Delhi's security nightmare: Commonwealth Games venues are an obvious target for terrorists', A Plus, 21 Sept 2010 
'Security chief nod for Games in Delhi', The Australian,  21 September 2010
'Muslim women protest against push to ban burka', The Australian,  20 September 2010
'Osama's one size fits all Islamism: A dream of an international caliphate inspired the 9/11 attacks nine years ago.' Inquirer, The Weekend Australian,  11-12 September 2010
'Seeds of crime squad killing were sown in the Middle East', The Australian,  10 September 2010
'Woman fears for sister in Iran jail', The Australian,  1 September 2010 
'Fears fester on the rural margins: Anxiety is gripping the West and Australia's outer suburbs are not immune',
 A Plus, The Australian,  30 August 2010
'How the AFP trapped the Bali Nine: Questions remain about the role of the authorities in the Bali heroin sting,'
 A Plus, The Weekend Australian,  27 August 2010
'Habib is still a danger: ASIO', The Australian,  27 August 2010
'Brother's pain over Iran jailing',  21 August 2010
'Judge orders ruling on Mamdouh Habib's passport: Foreign minister threatened with contempt over passport delay',
'Sceptics challenge Hirsi Ali: Her warning against Muslims barely matters in the Australian situation',
 The Weekend  Australian  14 August 2010
'Indonesia terror optimism premature: A lull in jihadist activity means only that the militants are regrouping',
The Weekend Australian,  14 August 2010
'Army bribes propel boats to Australia',  3 August 2010
'Brisk business for snakeheads: There is little Australia can do to stop people-smugglers', A Plus,
The Australian,  3 August 2010
'Islamists spread terror message: Al-Qa'ida link to Australia-based net conference',  31 July 2010
'Tigers at the front door: Sri Lankan asylum-seekers with links to Tamil terrorists pose a dilemma for Canberra', 
'Up to half Sri Lankan arrivals have ties to Tigers',  14 July 2010
'Hardliners teach how to get Islamic state',  8 July 2010
'Court bid opens to ban Hells Angels',  7 July 2010
'Muslims told to shun democracy: Australia a 'godforsaken country',  5 July 2010
'Islamic hardliners return for Sydney convention after push for ban fails',  3 July 2010
'Extremists with caliphate on their minds, not bombs in their belts: Islamist organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir eschews  violence, but it has no problem with incendiary rhetoric about the demise of Western democracy',  3 July 2010 
'Istanbul group has a shady history',  5 June 2010
'Aussie held in Yemen an 'extremist' and a security threat: ASIO',  4 June 2010
'Canberra linked to Yemen arrests',  3 June 2010
''Spies' report back to Tehran on pro-democracy activists',  24 May 2010
'Facing up to Tehran's tyrants: Protests that swept Iran a year ago have fired up exiles in Australia',
A Plus, The Australian,  24 May 2010
'Afghan heroin funds growing insurgency,  21 May 2010 
'Taliban's Heroin Inc: In one decade, Afghanistan has become the foremost opium supplier',
 A Plus, The Australian,  21 May 2010
'Failed bomb attack unveils the real face of international terrorism', Inquirer, The Weekend Australian,  8 May 2010
'NZ goes hard on ex-terror suspect',  23 April 2010
'Battle against the Burka is not based on Bigotry: France's ban on the hijab is based on its secular traditions', 
'Terror builds in the Shadows: Turmoil in Bangkok has derailed peace efforts in Thailand's insurgency',  14 April 2010
'Court targets Iranian expats',  9 April 2010
'Students held on trips back to Iran',  8 April 2010
'Iranian embassy 'spying on activist students'',  6 April 2010
'On the track of Tehran's agents: Iranian-backed operatives in Australia have security agencies on high alert,' 
'ASIO cloaks suspicion in secrecy: 'National security threats' have no meaningful recourse to justice',  23 March 2010
'Cleric backed by Iranian money',  23 March 2010
'Terror moves into the digital age: Online is the new front line in the security war',  17 March 2010
'Growing Yemen links alarm anti-terror squad',  1 March 2009
'Terror's new breeding ground: Yemen is shaping as a magnet for Australian supporters of global jihad',  1 March 2010
'Small hope of rehab for addicts to extremism: Islamist terrorist jailbirds pose a dilemma for authorities in NSW and across the world', 20 February 2010
'Jihadis' weapons are still out there,' 17 February 2010
'Anger, venom and hatred: One of the most dangerous men in Australia is now behind bars,'  16 February 2010
'Afghanistan warlords' unwelcome return: Peace in Afghanistan is unlikely to be brought by the thugs and murderers being wooed by the Karzai government',  27 February 2010
'Militant Haven the key to winning war on terror: The solution to the Afghan conflict lies just over the border',  13 February 2010
'Hidden danger in tampering with the veil',  1 February 2010
More stories in The Australian below  
Sari Club, Bali 2002
Jack Thomas
Tenggulun, Indonesia 2003
Stories on 4 Corners: 2001-2008
'Good Cop Bad Cop': Sally Neighbour investigates what's wrong inside Australia's Federal Police, 27 October 2008
'Dangerous Ground': Sally Neighbour reports on young Aussies who feel like social outcasts and asks if there's danger of a backlash.  10 March 2008
'Ghost Prisoners': The second of a two part series on torture, Ghost Prisoners investigates the goals and hard realities of the controversial rendition program.  11 June 2007
'Torture: The first of a two-part series, examines whether torture can ever be justified in  the war on terror.  4 June 2007
'The A-Team': Four Corners reveals a secret campaign to spy on green groups, hi-jack forestry policy and damage corporate rivals. 2 October 2006
'The Convert': Accused terrorist Jack Thomas speaks about his remarkable journey from Melbourne suburban tearaway to trainee fighter in the ranks of Al Qaeda. 27 February 2006
'Brave new workplace': Will the Howard Government's workplace reforms make Australia better off? And will they affect your job? 26 September 2005
'The Kilwa Incident': Four Corners reveals that an Australian mining company has been implicated in a massacre of at least 100 people. 6 June 2005
'Worst of the Worst?': Four Corners investigates the story behind Mamdouh Habib's incarceration at the notorious prison Guantanamo Bay  19 July 2004
'Still at Large', 3 November 2003, examines the survival and revival of regional terror group Jemaah Islamiyah  http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/content/2003/20031103_still_at_large/default.htm
'The Australian Connections', 9 June 2003. Sally Neighbour reveals the full extent of the terrorist threat that exists within Australia's borders  http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/content/2003/20030609_australian_connections/default.htm
10 February 2003, 'The Bali Confessions'. Sally Neighbour retraces the steps of the 2002 Bali bombers.
'The Network', 28 October 2002. Two weeks after the Bali bombings, a road map to terror in Australia's neighbourhood. 
 'The Christmas Party', Monday 1 July 2002. The full story of the Christmas Island casino and the powerful Indonesian figures behind it. 
'A Black Day for Justice', Monday 18 March 2002. How DNA evidence cleared a man convicted of a crime he didn't commit.
'Left for Dead', Monday 27 August 2001.  If you go missing at sea, what are your chances of being found and rescued?
'Divided we Fall', Monday 21 May 2001. 4 Corners explores the bitter power struggles within the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union.
 'Catch me if you Can', Monday 19 March 2001. The story of a convicted fraudster who brought dreams of cattle empires, diamond mines and Wall Street bonds to a tiny bush community.
For earlier programs see 4 Corners website:   http://www.abc.net.au/4corners
'Terror returns to Jakarta': ABC Unleashed, 18 July 2009.
Kabul 2008
Stories in The Australian: 2005-2009
'Refugees pay $40,000 to come by plane', 24 November 2009.
'Taliban at the table: With an announcement on troops due any day now, the very notion that the Taliban can be beaten is in doubt', 23 November 2009.   http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/features/taliban-at-the-table/story-e6frg6z6-1225801823626
'Test of stamina: Many Tamils face a dire situation at sea, in refugee camps, and in Sri Lanka', 16 November 2009.  http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/features/test-of-stamina/story-e6frg6z6-1225797967508
'Delusions of terror: They may believe they are doing God's work, but radical jihadis are often just unstable individuals',  20 October 2009. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/features/delusions-of-terror/story-e6frg6z6-1225788471304
'Shots in pine forest the seed of case', Inside Story, 17 September 2009.  http://wl.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,26221516-5001561,00.html
'Edict may boost threat level as Defence, AFP examine al-Qa'ida kidnap warning', 18 September 2009.
'Afghan foreigner kidnap order by al-Qa'ida leader Mustafa Hamid', 16 September 2009.  http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/nation/afghan-foreigner-kidnap-order-by-al-qaida-leader-mustafa-hamid/story-e6frg6nf-1225774267135
'Seeds of Destruction: Documents provide insider accounts of opposition within al-Qa'ida to the 9/11 attacks, and how bin Laden prevailed', 11 September 2009.
'Revealed: Crime push on security', 5 September 2009.  http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,26028984-5013404,00.html
'Private police out of control', 5 September 2009.  http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,,26024093-7583,00.html
'Haunted by Haneef: The Rudd government's move to redraft the flawed terror laws that led to the Mohamed Haneef affair will be no easy task'. 17 August, 2009.  http://wl.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,25937457-28737,00.html
'Strike at the Roots: The influences that turn an ordinary person into a potential terrorist in a society such as Australia's are hard to grasp and harder to fight', The Weekend Australian, 8-9 August, 2009.  http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,,25898259-31477,00.html
'Long path to war in Africa: young man was prime target for militant recruiters', 5 August 2009.  http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,25884407-2702,00.html
'The war on Australia', 22 July 2009. The evil mind behind last week's Jakarta bombings hates Australia and promises more attacks'. http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,25816557-28737,00.html
'Jihad in the classroom', 21 July 2009. Indonesia will continue to live with the threat of terror attcks unless its government cracks down on the militant Islamic schools and religious zealots who espouse worldwide jihad.  http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,25810389-7583,00.html
'Jakarta... Again', 18 July 2009. Islamic militants have been at war with Indonesian authorities for six decades. Yesterday they struck once more.  http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,25797768-28737,00.html
'Fraudsters target energy contracts', 1 July 2009. 
'A class of their own', 19 June 2009. Muslim parents are among a growing trend towards home-schooling. The third in a three-part series on Islamic schooling in Australia. 
'Quest for acceptance', 10 June 2009. Islamic schools are keen to dispel negative stereotypes. 
'No lessons here', 3 June 2009. The rejection of plans for an Islamic school has caused jubilation in Camden but the issue won't go away. The first of a three-part special on Islamic schooling in Australia.
'Islamic school ruled out: Township residents win two-year fight', 3 June 2009. 
'Muslim matriarch's suburban nightmare', 2 May 2009.  http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/wireless/story/0,22282,601-25416660,00.html
'Propogandists of terror prevailing', 22 April 2009. 
'Ex jailbird in charge of $40m corruption war', 17 March 2009. 
'Doomsday Nation', 5 March 2009. Nuclear-armed and terrorist-riddled Pakistan is spinning out of control 
'Terror camp training was a rite of passage', 5 March 2009. 
'Accused's trial by media', 24 October 2008.
'Hope among the rubble', 21 August 2008. As the Taliban gathers strength, Afghanistan is entering a crucial stage in its reconstruction.  http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,24213361-25837,00.html
'Taliban conflict cannot be won in Afghanistan', 10 July 2008. 
'Granny denies she is public enemy number one', 29 January 2008. 
'Young and alienated in their own country,' 8 March 2008. 
'My Life as a Terrorist', 4 December 2007. Jack Roche tells Sally Neighbour how ASIO failed to act on information he had that could have stopped the September 11 and Bali bombings.

''Charge as many as possible': Federal agent stuns with admission', 13 November 2007.  http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,22747968-2,00.html

'Over their dead bodies', 9 November 2007. Their prison cells have become hubs from which the Bali bombers, now facing death, spread their radical ideology.

'After the dust cleared', 12 October 2007. On the fifth anniversary of the Bali bombings, Sally Neighbour examines the fights and cultural clashes in the hunt for the culprits. 
'Terrorists, not the media, make Muslims look bad: Sally Neighbour at a Monash 
University conference on Monday', 12 October 2007. 
'Islamic cleric preaching 'extremism, hate', 2 October 2007. (edited version)
'Nurturing a new class of radicals', 3 September 2007. Primary schools are the new recruiting ground for Indonesia's Muslim extremist group Jemaah Islamiyah. 
'Self-made terrorists', 17 August 2007. They are sons of middle-class immigrants who become radical Muslims and find the meaning of life in death. 
'Road map of terror reveals journey from disaffection to holy warrior', 17 August 2007.  http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,22258781-2702,00.html
'Police Chief on the back foot', 4 August 2007. Mick Keelty's efforts to deflect blame from the AFP don't stand up to scrutiny. http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,,22185126-28737,00.html?from=public_rss
'Guilty until Proven Innocent', 19 July 2007. Political interference and overzealous use of anti-terrorism laws have led to bungled prosecutions.
'Risen from the Grave', 14 July 2007. Far from hiding in caves licking their wounds, Osama bin Laden's Al-Qa'ida terrorists are emboldened and on the march.
'Modern militant 'recruits himself'', 4 July 2007.
'Nations linked by blood and Islam', 2 July 2007.
'Hiding in plain sight', 23 June 2007. The arrest of an Indonesian terrorist 'grandfather' shows the difficulties authorities face in penetrating Jemaah Islamiah.
'Hacking the hydra: The arrest of Jemaah Islamiah's military leader doesn't spell final victory', June 12 2007.  http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,20867,21888756-28737,00.html?from=public_rss
'Torture account sidesteps gag on Hicks', 7 April 2007. 
'Hicks surrenders: The jury is still out on whether Gitmo represents justice, but David Hicks' guilty plea comes as a relief to two governments, 28 March 2007.
'Confessions of a madman: Khalid Shaikh Mohammed has told a Guantanamo Bay hearing he was the brains behind al-Qa'ida's biggest bombings', 16 March 2007.
'Aussies leaned on US to alter Hicks charges', 14 March 2007.
'JI rebounds more dangerous than ever', 6 March 2007.
'All the wrong moves: We know what doesn't work against terrorism, so why aren't    we doing what does?', 24 February 2007.  http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,20867,21275402-7583,00.html
'Mates 'til the death', 19 February 2007. Terrorist cells are like cults whose members form close bonds and attack their own communities, writes Sally Neighbour. 
'Militant networks', 18 November 2006. A handshake in a Melbourne mosque almost 20 years ago between the leaders of two radical Muslim groups signalled the start of an enduring alliance.

'Bomb maker's death doesn't signal end of JI campaign', 12 November 2005.
'Aussies schooled by al-Qa'ida', 5 November 2005. (no link available)
'Australian mum married into al-Qa'ida', 6 November 2006.

'The Long road from Bali to Kabul', 6 November 2006. The mother of two Australians arrested in Yemen on terror charges is a "fanatical" Islamist.

'Big fish leaps back into terror's murky waters', 5 November 2006.  (see Big fish leaps back .htm)
'Own words trapped Jack', 1 April 2006. (no link available)
'Spotting the terrorism suspects', 4 November 2005. Two sharp-eyed Melburnians alerted police to a possible plot, writes Sally Neighbour.
'How a group of six fanatics mapped their plan of attack', 15 October 2005.
'How Philippines became focal point', 6 October 2005. (no link available)
'A war that never ends', 3 October 2005. Hundreds of arrests in the wake of the first Bali attack forced Jemaah Islamiah to mutate into an even deadlier threat.
'Making a martyr of a mastermind', 14 February 2005. The Bashir trial is likely to please no one except Bashir, argues Sally Neighbour.