Sally Neighbour is a multiple award-winning journalist and author, best known for her work with Australia's premier public affairs television program, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's '4 Corners', her specialist writing with The Australian newspaper and her authorship of two books on terrorism and Islamic extremism.  

Sally was a senior reporter with 4 Corners from 1996 to 2009, during which time she won three Walkley Awards, Australia's most coveted prizes for excellence in journalism.  She returned to 4 Corners in 2011 to present an investigative report on sex slavery. She has written extensively for The Australian newspaper on terrorism and Islamic extremism, and is a frequent contributor to The Monthly magazine on politics and international affairs.
Sally's most recent book is 'The Mother of Mohammed', the story of Australian woman Rabiah Hutchinson, who spent twenty years on the frontlines of the global jihadist movement in Indonesia, Egypt, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Rabiah was married to a senior member of al Qaeda's governing shura council and was a trusted insider to the al Qaeda and Taliban leadership. The book documents her extraordinary journey from her days with the student Islamist movement during the resistance against Suharto in the 1980s, to her months on the run in Afghanistan during the US bombing campaign in retaliation for the September 11 attacks in 2001, and her subsequent detention under house arrest by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards after she escaped across the Afghan border into Iran.
Sally's previous book was 'In the Shadow of Swords: On the trail of terrorism from Afghanistan to Australia', published by Harper Collins in 2004, which documented the formation and evolution of the Indonesian militant group Jemaah Islamiyah and its involvement in the 2002 Bali bombings and subsequent terrorist attacks. 'In the Shadow of Swords' won the New South Wales history prize in 2005, and was named by The Economist magazine as one of its best 25 books for 2005.
Tenggulun, Indonesia 2003
Abu Bakar Ba'asyir, Indonesia 2002
Kabul 2008
Curriculum Vitae
2009-11:       Freelance journalist, senior contributor to The Australian and The Monthly magazine.
October '11:   Reported 'Sex Slavery' for 4 Corners, ABC TV.
2010:            'The Mother of Mohammed' published in the US by the University of Pennsylvania Press and in Indonesia by PT   
May 2009:    'The Mother of Mohammed' published by Melbourne University Publishing.
2000-2009:  Reporter, ABC TV, 4 Corners.
2005-2010:  Senior writer with The Australian newspaper.
2006:             Winner, Walkley Award for excellence in international reporting.
2005:             'In the Shadow of Swords' wins NSW History Prize.
2004:             'In the Shadow of Swords' published by Harper Collins Australia. 
2001:             Winner, Walkley Award for excellence in coverage of indigenous affairs.
2000:             Presenter, 'Lateline', ABC TV.
1996-1999:   Reporter, 4 Corners.
1996:              Winner, Walkley Award for investigative journalism.
1995:              Asia Correspondent, ABC TV, based in Beijing, China.
1993-1994:        "              "                    "       "    based in Hong Kong.
1989-1992:   Reporter, 7.30 Report, ABC TV, Melbourne.
1988-1989:   Reporter, ABC TV News, Melbourne.
1980-1988:   Journalist - Radio Stations 3UZ and 3MP, Melbourne; Channel Ten 'Good Morning Australia'; and GLV 8, Gippsland, Victoria.
Sally Neighbour has won three Walkley Awards for excellence in journalism, the most prestigious media prizes in Australia.
In 2006, she was awarded the Walkley for best international reporting for a program titled 'The Kilwa Incident', broadcast on 4 Corners, which reported the complicity of an Australian company, Anvil Mining, in the massacre of villagers by army soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The story was carried around the world.
In 2001, Sally received the Walkley for best reporting of indigenous affairs, for a 4 Corners report, 'Catch me if you Can', the story of a corrupt white lawyer's exploitation of Aboriginal communities in northern Australia.
In 1996, she won a Walkley for best investigative reporting for 'The Crown Deals', which examined the political influence wielded by the operators of Australia's largest gaming house, Melbourne's Crown Casino.
Sally has been a finalist in the Walkleys fourteen times, including in 2005 when 'In the Shadow of Swords' was nominated in the new Walkley category of best non-fiction book.
In 2005, 'In the Shadow of Swords' was awarded the $15,000 General History Prize in the New South Wales Premier's History Awards.
In 2007, Sally and 4 Corners producer Morag Ramsay received a Special Commendation in the United Nations Association of Australia's Media Peace Awards, and a Highly Commended citation in the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission's Human Rights Media Awards, for 'Torture: a two-part series', which documented the use of torture in the global war on terrorism.
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